OEA Endorsed Candidates

The following candidates have been endorsed by OEA for the upcoming November elections.  It is important to remember that when OEA decides to endorse a candidate it is based solely on whether the candidate is PRO-PUBLIC EDUCATION.  OEA endorses the best Pro-Public Education candidate regardless of their political affiliations.

Please consider contributing to FCPE to help ensure the proper pro-public education candidates are placed on the ballot.

Governor-Richard Cordray (D)

U.S. Senate- Sherrod Brown (D)

Attorney General– Steve Dettlebach (D)

Treasurer– Rob Richardson (D)

Auditor– Zack Space (D)

Secretary of State– Kathleen Clyde (D)

Ohio House-
Cuyahoga County- HD7 Tom Patton (R), HD8 Kent Smith (D), HD9 Janine Boyd (D), HD11 Stephanie Howse (D), HD15 Nicholas Celebrezze (D)
Lorain County- HD55 Gayle Manning (R), HD56 No Position
Medina County- HD69 Steve Hambley (R)

Ohio Senate-
Cuyahoga County-SD21 Sandra Williams (D), SD25 Kenny Yuko (D)
Lorain and Huron County- SD13 Nathan Manning (R)